You’re In For Something Fresh: Customers First…At Jewel!

You’re In For Something Fresh: Customers First…At Jewel!

Welcome back to Training Video Hell (or Heaven, depending on your perspective)! This time around, we move from away from the grocery store chains of the Northeast (as featured in my previous post on training videos), and to the midwest. This week, we’ve been hired by grocery store chain Jewel!

Back In New Hire Hell!

Welcome to the Chicago suburbs, specifically, Elmhurst. The year: 1988. Your new job is at Chicago-based supermarket Jewel, part of the Albertsons family of grocery stores.

Meet your friendly Jewel co-workers!

They’re here to make shopping at Jewel a pleasure! And since they’re your co-workers, you’ll be learning how to perform your job effectively. You’re going to do great!

But before you begin working for Jewel, you’re going to watch a video. It will only take eight minutes of your training, but you need to know store policies.

Are you ready?

Customers FIRST!…At Jewel!

Here at Jewel, we take our customers VERY seriously.  Our training method involves the following steps:

Friendly Intro React Smile Thank You

And if you need a splashy visual, Exhibit A doesn’t disappoint:

Think of every late 1980s/early 1990s graphic t-shirt you’ve ever owned. This is how we drive the point home!

Also here to drive the point home, your trainer:

Her red grandma housecoat is on point!

And speaking of on point, you’ll be learning the do’s and don’ts of working for Jewel, as demonstrated by two of our fine employees!

Be sure to follow their good examples!

At Jewel, You’re In For Something Fresh…Our Awesome Training Video!

According to the video description, YouTube user (and former Jewel trainer) nickycheese took this tape with him upon leaving his job. I think I speak on behalf of the world when I thank him for unleashing this gem (I didn’t say the store name!) on the unsuspecting world!

Bask in the glory of Elmhurst, Illinois’ 944 York Road store location’s (which still exists to this day!) contribution to the corporate training video niche!

For the love of everything sacred, click play!

Upload via nickycheese

Afterthoughts: Takeaways From This Training Video…

Because educational value!

1. Attitude (and grandma’s housecoat as uniform attire) are unnecessary…

2. Not Uncle Sam is a thing…and his name is ASRE!

3. This title card looks like an OP t-shirt!

Of course, what we should take away from silly videos like this (and the others I’ve covered in past articles) is that they’re aiming to teach us the proper customer service skills. They’re striving to be effective. If they were, then good. We’re just there for the entertainment.

And speaking of previous articles…

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If training videos have taught us anything, I’ve covered it!

Blockbuster had LISTEN, THINK, ACT (and later, Driscoll and Egbert teaching proper customer service through fake movies).

FuncoLand had The GAMES Process, and the most enthusiastic sales manager in the world!

At GameCrazy, customer service associates had mad selling skills, Zelda Scott, and the “Not Ready for ESPN Players.”

Loss prevention issues (and sales associate Jeff with the funky sideburns) was surprisingly not Montgomery Ward’s undoing.

You can BE THE DIFFERENCE working in a Key Food-owned supermarket, when you use the CLEAR policy of excellent customer service!

This post is dedicated to the Circa 1988 Employees of the following Jewel location:

We salute you, Employed by Jewel Supermarket Players!

(No, that’s not their actual group name, it just sounded cool!)

Allison Venezio-Preston

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