Arrested Development: Star Wars?

Arrested Development: Star Wars?

Yes, it is indeed May the 4th and we totally know what that means. It is time once again to celebrate what has commonly been referenced as Star Wars Day. Although if we are being totally honest – most fans of the franchise consider May 25th to be the actual day of celebration. On the other hand, it’s easily understandable why the joking use of the iconic “May the Force be with you.” gained traction. It is in fact rather catchy and illustrates the fun that exists within the community, especially when it produces the likes of Arrested Development: Star Wars, right?
Arrested Development: Star Wars - Leia

Arrested Development: Star Wars actually hit the internet on May 2nd. Produced for the Star Wars YouTube channel. Furthermore it was debuted on the popular Star Wars Show, where Ron Howard happened to be a guest. Of course he was on to discuss his upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story, due to hit theaters on May 25th.

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During the show the celebrated Director and star of Happy Days was given a special quiz. Entitled Han(z) or Fonz, Howard was asked a series of questions to see if he could determine which icon they applied to. Obviously the entire thing is a skit, meant only to be humorous. Ron getting schooled leads to him attempting to make up for his score by delivering an abbreviated narration for Star Wars: A New Hope. Resulting in Arrested Development: Star Wars!

I probably should add that if you are interested in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. The interview on the Star Wars Show is certainly more than a fluff piece. Ron Howard really gets into what attracted him to the story as well as the characters. Moreover, you will also get a chance to see Ron and George Lucas hang out at the Falcon’s Dejarik Board!

So go ahead and set aside about three minutes of your time and check out Arrested Development: Star Wars!

Also since this is Star Wars Day you can check out all of the sweet, sweet merchandise being offered.

Seriously, the amount of items and products being offered is far, far too many to list here. So instead I am including this link to the official Star Wars site where you can check out all the stuff yourself.
Arrested Development: Star Wars - Star Wars shirt


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  1. I saw this parody the other night, and I laughed so hard. I love Arrested Development, and this felt brilliant!!!! I actually did a quick write up for Allison’s Written Words about this. :-)

  2. They definitely had some fun with it, Allison. :D

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