Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - The Deadly Fuel Shortage

Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books?

Steve Ditko is a very well known name in the comic industry. Rightfully so as he helped co-create the likes of Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Speedball. There are a few of us comic book fans out there that will refuse to believe that Speedball is not a great character. As you may know, Steve Ditko helped create that character. But were you aware that Steve Ditko did Transformers coloring books?!
Steve Ditko did Transformers coloring Books - Bumblee Message

It is pretty common knowledge that Ditko was upset with Marvel in 1966. Leaving the company in fact, flocking under the Charlton publishing banner. Working on the likes of The Question, Captain Atom, as well as The Blue Beetle.
Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - The Question

Steve Ditko really bounced around during this time period. Working for the excellent Warren Publishing’s horror magazines entitled Creepy and Eerie.
Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - Creepy

The legendary artist also worked at DC Comics. The company would end up buying out Charlton comics, bringing those characters into their fold. As you are probable well aware of, Alan Moore when creating Watchmen, intended for the characters to be the Charlton roster. DC however felt that if Moore used them for his singular universe, naturally they couldn’t be used elsewhere.

While working at DC Comics, Ditko co-created the duo Hawk and Dove, The Creeper and created Shade, the Changing Man. Although not to be confused with the Vertigo character revived by Peter Milligan in 1990. By far though my favorite DC character, besides The Question, is hands down The Creeper!

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The artist has really ended up being a freelancer once he left Marvel in ’66. Obviously he returned now and again. Which is how Steve Ditko did Transformers coloring books for the company. Four Transformers coloring books as a matter of fact from 1984 to 1986. Transformers were huge at that time, not that the property has really ever truly faded away. Steve Ditko did the Transformers coloring books entitled The Deadly Fuel Shortage, Bumblebee to the Rescue!, The Autobot Smasher!, and The Invasion of the Decepticon Camp.

These coloring books are certainly interesting to read through. Which I might add you can do thanks to Steve-0’s Transformers Site. I say they are interesting for all manner of reasons. Including the baffling choice to momentarily destroy both Wheeljack and Prowl in The Deadly Fuel Shortage.
Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - Wheeljack and Prowl

Or even going so far as to illustrate Bumblebee with only one arm throughout Bumblee to the Rescue!.
Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - Bumblee only has one arm

While the fact that Steve Ditko did Transformers coloring books might not be as important as co-creating Spider-Man. It did allow us to have this illustration created.

The always complaining and Earth-hating Autobot known as Gears…holding up an Elephant!
Steve Ditko Did Transformers Coloring Books - Gears holding an Elephant


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