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Have You Heard About Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok?

Friends, my love of Norse mythology was started thanks to a comic book. The Mighty Thor #362, you cannot top Walt Simonson’s legendary series. Thanks to that comic book I quickly checked out the real Norse mythology. Obviously I was surprised by the differences of Thor from the comics with the God of Thunder in literature. However I still found Norse mythology to be one of my favorite subjects. Which is of course why I pay attention when a new film or book tackles it. Case in point the upcoming Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok by Neon Wizard Games!
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I was contacted a couple of weeks back by Neon Wizard Games, the independent studio working on the game. To see if I wouldn’t mind sharing that they have started a GoFundMe campaign to help get the ball rolling.

So you might be wondering what Metalheads Rumble in Ragnarok is about. Two freshmen named Ron and Mike inadvertently release Loki and an army of undead warriors upon the World. All of this is done of course by listening to a vintage metal album. Called Destination Doomicus, naturally by the Knights of Doom.
Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok - Doomicus

Furthermore, the likes of Odin, Tyr, and Valkryies have also been released. It’s up to our two metalheads to try and right their mistake. By using the album artwork from the LP to find out how to take on these Norse Gods and save their town. Perhaps even becoming legends themselves in the process?
Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok

Friends, I thought I might ask O’Neal Pignani to add some further information on the game:
“Hi, I’m O’Neal Pignani founder of the newly formed Neon Wizard Games. We’re developing our first 2d traditionally animated console video game Metalheads “Rumble in Ragnarok”. It’s about two headbanging pals Mike & Ron during 1987, and a valley girl Ghost, that also happens to be a Valkyrie who must band together to stop Loki and his army of Norse Gods & creatures from bringing the end of the world.

Metalheads combines 80s action adventure Saturday Morning cartoons like Dungeons & Dragons with classic arcade games like Castlevania & Dragon’s Lair. If you’re a fan of Evil Dead, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and would like to see the classic video game experience make a come back than please support by making a donation.””
Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok - Neon Wizard Games

Now that you are aware of Metalheads Rumble In Ragnarok. Would you like to hear a track from the Destination Doomicus?

[Via] Cartoon Hullabaloo


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