Be The Difference…In A Grocery Store Training Video!

Be The Difference…In A Grocery Store Training Video!

Oh yes, I’m going there again. We’re back into the fertile ground of training video Hell (or Heaven, depending on your perspective). Specifically, we’re diving into the world of grocery stores, with a grocery store training video!

New Hire Hell

I think corporate offices look for new and creative ways to teach new hires the ways of their company, or at least, they did in the 1980s and 1990s. Corporate training videos contain material and acting the Human Resources Representative expects you not to laugh at. I haven’t watched a corporate training video in ten years, but while the times have changed, the cheesiness factor has not. Once upon a time though, the videos felt worse.


I’m convinced I’ve found the worst, but you’re going to have to visit the grocery store with me to decide for yourself!

Be The Difference…In A Grocery Store Training Video!

In the 1980s, Staten Island-based Key Food (the owners of several food store chains) made a training video about the proper approach to effective customer service. Their method is CLEAR:

Calm, Listen, Empathy, Apologize, Refer

And in case you don’t understand, here’s a convenient screenshot.

Additionally, this training video focuses on keeping shelves properly stocked and labelled, greeting and assisting customers, store cleanliness, and personal appearance.

CLEAR The Way For Scenarios!

The video demonstrates several customer service scenarios – both postive and negative – and how the CLEAR method promotes good customer service.

And, of course, no training video would be complete without fake smiles, terrible acting, and a host like this:

More specifically, what grocery store training video would be complete without my favorite retail go-to:

Best excuse for not helping EVER!

And now that you know all about the very existence of this video…why don’t we watch it?

Be The Difference!: The Shopping Environment

Upload via mrwolfie88

So, now that you know (and knowing is half the battle!), get out there and show us the CLEAR method!

And, if all else fails, smile!

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