Toon In: The Revenge Of Captain America (1966)

Toon In: The Revenge Of Captain America (1966)

So I have heard there might be a new Marvel Cinematic Universe film out now. Something entitled Avengers: Infinity War? Down here in the Retroist Vault, the word is it’s some kind of small independent film. We obviously don’t get out too much down here. However, since it has to do with Marvel Super Heroes I thought this might be a good time for a Toon In offering. In this case 1966’s The Revenge of Captain America!

The Revenge of Captain America is an episode featuring…Captain America. Obviously. It was of course part of the 1966 animated series The Marvel Super Heroes. Which was originally produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, an independent studio that co-produced Rocket Robin Hood and would go on to co-produce 1967’s Spider-Man. The Marvel Super Heroes was a syndicated series and when first aired would feature three segments of a singular hero, generally running around seven minutes long. What heroes were chosen for The Marvel Super Heroes you might ask? The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Mighy Thor, The Sub-Mariner, as well as Captain America!
Revenge of Captain America - Marvel Super Heroes

I think it’s fair to say these shows are best remembered for two things. The rather catchy theme songs for the heroes and their ‘limited’ animation. While perhaps the animation was scoffed at in later years, needlessy so in my opinion. It at the very least gave comic fans easy access to the artwork of Steve Ditko, Don Heck, and of course Jack Kirby. That was mainly do to the fact that the show was produced by xerography. They were literally using copied work from the actual comic books – however the artists sadly were not given credit.
Revenge of Captain America - Hang On

At the very least we know now who was responsible for all of that wonderful artwork. The voice of Captain America was provided by Sandy Becker. Perhaps best known for The Sandy Becker Show from 1955 until 1968. Becker in fact lent his voice to a few classic animated shows such as Underdog, The Beagles, Go Go Gophers, in addition to King Leonardo and His Short Subjects. As well as being a well known announcer and spokesman, like on The Ed Sullivan Show.
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Now as to the story for The Revenge of Captain America, it all has to due with the loss of Bucky. It’s not like revenge is something you think of in conjunction with Captain America. On the other hand, it is a little understandable considering Baron Zemo cause the death of the good Captain’s sidekick. It is something that at the beginning of this episode is weighing heavily on Cap’s mind. Even verbally lashing out at Rick Jones, friend to the Hulk and sort of mascot to the Avengers. The only thing that will ease Captain America’s conscience is to head out and attempt to bring Zemo to justice!
Revenge of Captain America - Baron Zemo

Friends, grab your favorite beverage and snack and join us on Toon In. As we learn of The Revenge of Captain America!
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