Are We Getting A Last Starfighter Sequel?
All images courtesy of Gary Whitta.

Are We Getting A Last Starfighter Sequel?

Did you hear that incredibly high pitched noise earlier today? That was probably me as I read the news we might be getting a Last Starfighter sequel. The news came from Gary Whitta’s official Twitter feed on the 4th. I heard the news however thanks to Den of Geek! yesterday morning. In fact I was working at the arcade and literally ran down the row of arcade cabinets, that were popular when the original film was released, all but shouted out that a Last Starfighter sequel was in the works!
Last Starfighter Sequel - 1984 poster

However, there was some confusion for a bit after Whitta shared some beautiful artwork by Matt Allsopp. Was this upcoming film going to be a sequel or a reboot? Thanks to an interview with io9, we know it is actually both:
“…but right now we have a fully developed story that is a combination of reboot and sequel that we both think honors the legacy of the original film while passing the torch to a new generation.”

Last Starfighter Sequel - Matt Allsopp - Gary Whitta
All concept art courtesy of Gary Whitta.

Of course if you are a fan of the 1984 film, you owe it to yourself to hop on over and read that interview on io9. Gary Whitta is co-writing the script for the Last Starfighter sequel with Jonathan Betuel. If that name happened to ring a bell it’s probably because Jonathan so happens to have been the screenwriter for the 1984 movie. As well as penning the script and directing My Science Project, then acting as producer and writer for Freddy’s Nightmares!

[Via] Night of the Trailers

That isn’t to say that Gary Whitta isn’t a recognizable name however. To name a few projects the screenwriter and author has had a hand in, The Book of Eli, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and 4 episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.

Beyond these amazing pieces of art by Matt Allsopp, we literally have nothing else to go on. Besides that interview of course, which is reassuring to read. It most certainly sounds like Whitta is truly a fan of the original movie. While the possibility of seeing the Last Starfighter sequel is probably years away. This type of news definitely puts a spring in your step, right?

While we are waiting for a Last Starfighter sequel, why not listen to the original soundtrack?

Craig Safan’s score for the original film is easily in my top ten soundtracks of all time.

[Via] Chris Knittle & Norsk Torsk


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