Retro Radio: Four Small Bottles (The Black Museum)

Retro Radio: Four Small Bottles (The Black Museum)

Welcome back, friends, to a new offering for Retro Radio Memories. This time we have an episode of the classic old time radio program, The Black Museum. A show entitled Four Small Bottles. Which originally had been aired on May 20th, 1952. As always it features Orson Welles as both host and narrator, I’m sure I do not need to say he does an incredible job?
Black Museum - Orson Welles

Like all of The Black Museum episodes, Four Small Bottles is based on real cases from Scotland Yard’s infamous collection. Also known as The Crime Museum, it is a collection for New Scotland Yard for objects from crime cases. Not open to the public, it does however function as a means to teach the Police in both the study of crime as well as criminals themselves.

Black Museum - Crime Museum - Regine DeBatty
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It was founded of sorts in 1874 by Inspector Neame and a Constable Randall. Case files and even objects from a myriad of crimes are housed in The Black Museum. Such as the letters that are assumed to have belonged to Jack the Ripper!
Black Museum - Jack the Ripper

In Four Small Bottles , we learn the dark history of said containers. Involving the death of one Oscar Stone. The suspects in this case are Anne Stone, the Widow of Oscar, as well as a Reverend Edgar Sweet. Remember these dramatizations are based on actual cases from Scotland Yard!

Join us, friends. Turn down those lights and lean in closer to the warmth of the computer screen. Let us journey back to 1952 as we pay a visit to The Black Museum and learn the secrets of the Four Small Bottles!

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