Star Wars Q and A - Hamill

MidAmeriCon II featuring 1976 Star Wars Q and A!

Friends, you might have noticed the other day when the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story debuted. It sounded very much like the ripping of the fabric of the universe. At least judging by the comments from some of those in the fanbase. But that is certainly not why I am writing this post. Not in the least. This is about the discovery of the MidAmeriCon II panel with Mark Hamill, Gary Kurtz as well as Charles Lippincott. An amazing Star Wars Q and A from September 4th, 1976!

Charles Lippincott is the gentleman in yellow Star Wars t-shirt. He was responsible for drumming up interest in the first film at various conventions. Like at the 34th WorldCon in Kansas City, Missouri.
Star Wars Q and A - Charles Lippincott

Gary Kurtz of course was the producer for the first two Star Wars films. Although he also produced 1973’s American Graffiti as well as co-producing 1982’s The Dark Crystal.
Star Wars Q and A - Gary Kurtz

I don’t believe I need to point out the merits of Mark Hamill, right? This Star Wars Q and A is nearly and hour long. It also is incredibly fascinating how the audience members react. It might shock you but most are quite angry towards the then upcoming film.
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Not everyone is dismissive of Hamill, Kurtz, and Lippincott of course. The trio also make a point of handling the questions and aggression good-naturedly. Hamill in particular reveals early on his humorous nature. You will also hear some answers to questions that don’t quite mesh with what the finished product turned out to be.

So grab your favorite beverage and snack and enjoy this 1976 Star Wars Q and A!

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Okay. So you’ve had a chance to watch the Star Wars Q and A. So why not check out that Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer too?

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