Toon In: Popeye – The Paneless Window Washer (1937)

Toon In: Popeye – The Paneless Window Washer (1937)

I yam what I yam! As is of course our offering for this week’s Toon In. The 1937 Fleischer Studios short Popeye the Sailor in The Paneless Window Washer. This actually marks the 43rd theatrical cartoon by the Fleischer Studio. Originally released on January 22, 1937 – it involves our favorite cartoon sailor doing his best to prove he is the best and most Paneless Window Washer!
Paneless Window Washer - Popeye - Paneless

You have probably figured out that in The Paneless Window Washer the source of trouble comes from Bluto. Indeed he is the sole proprietor of the Bluto Window Cleaning Co. and has decided to drum up business.
Paneless Window Washer - Bluto Window Cleaning Co

Doing so as a matter of fact by using a hose to splash mud on the windows of the building across the street. Which I hate to say is a rather smart way to keep yourself in business. However, this is an underhanded business practice to say the least.
Paneless Window Washer - Bluto with a hose

Bluto’s plan hits a snag though when he is about to clean the windows of Olive Oyl, a public stenographer. Popeye is already on the job and is ready to demonstrate his own unique style of cleaning windows.
Paneless Window Washer - Popeye and Bluto

Obviously the possibility of losing payment for cleaning the windows he dirtied rubs Bluto the wrong way. Before you can say ‘I yam what I yam’ the two animated icons are engaged in fisticuffs!

Synopsis aside, The Paneless Window Washer is truly a remarkable short. Not just because in its six minute running time it manages to pack in so much humor. It is the animation itself that frequently takes my breath away. While watching it, friends, be sure to check out the angles used throughout the short. Certainly a unique and a refreshing take on animation from 81 years in the past!
Paneless Window Washer - Animation Angle

Now then, grab your favorite beverage and snack and enjoy The Paneless Window Washer!

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