Shout! Factory Presents – Rendel: Dark Vengeance

Shout! Factory Presents – Rendel: Dark Vengeance

If you are in the mood to watch an exciting new film about a dark superhero. I am happy to tell you that Shout! Factory has you covered with their latest release. Rendel: Dark Vengeance is an import from Finland, by writer-director Jesse Haaja. Releasing on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow, January 30th, you will get your chance to see the origin of Rendel!

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Director Jesse Haaja on the bonus features for Rendel: Dark Vengeance freely admits that his creation owes a debt to Batman. With superheroes that stick to the shadows that is of course a given. However I think it is fair to say that the dark vigilante in this film follows a different creed. Rendel has no desire to arrest or let the courts mete out justice.

To be honest, Rendel has no interest in justice. It is of course all about the character obtaining the vengeance he desperately seeks. There are certainly elements of all types of heroes and vigilantes in the genetic make-up of this dark avenger. Off the top of my head the character reminded me a little of 1939’s The Avenger.
Rendel - The Avenger

While Jesse Haaja admitted that Batman had an influence on the creation of Rendel. I would say that in addition it was certainly Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight in particular.
Rendel - Frank Miller - The Dark Knight

Above all however, the character in the film reminded me most of Daredevil. Yet again, the Frank Miller version. Not that the dark character in the movie is remotely as forgiving as Matt Murdock. Not in the least. It is the fact that he will readily accept physical punishment to get to his target.
Rendel - Daredevil

Like those characters I just highlighted, Rendel has a tragic origin as well. It involves a shadow corporation known as VALA. A worldwide organization that is marketing an untested vaccine. The results of that ‘medicine’ is far more insidious than anything Lex Luthor could have devised.
Rendel - VALA Plan

Thanks to bribes and extortion it looks like nothing can halt the plans of VALA. Not the Press nor the Police. Until an act by the organization creates the very hero the city needs. The uncompromising as well as aggressively violent Rendel!
Rendel - Banner

Being a Shout! Factory release there are of course special features:

  • English and Finnish audio tracks, English subtitles
  • The Making of Rendel
  • Proof of concept short film
  • Crowdfunding Teaser
  • Wonderman Music Video

Rendel might be a dark avenger with psychotic issues, friends. But as you can plainly see he is a romantic as well!

Rendel - Happy Valentine's Day
Seriously though, friends. I was blown away by the movie. It is absolutely stylized and frequently over the top comic book inspired fun. You can pick up Rendel at better dealers tomorrow or hop on over to Shout! Factory and order your copy today.


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