No Frills Products Of Pathmark

When I was a kid in the 1980s, my parents would go to the supermarket once a month on Saturday mornings. Having been a regular viewer of Saturday morning cartoons, this would upset me as I had to go with them and miss out on all those shows. The supermarket? Pathmark.

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While there, I would spend most of my time in the toy aisle. The toys were cheap and… limited, but it was something for me to look at. However, there was one aisle I didn’t mind going down, because of how odd it looked. From front of the aisle to the rear, all I could see were white labels on soda cans, apple sauce, pet food, etc.. This was the no frills aisle. I remember this fondly as this was the go to place to get everything we needed for vacations. The no frills soda cans were a staple in the cooler for those trips. I can’t remember how the cola tasted, but I do remember how the can looked. It was like watching a Looney Tunes cartoon, but instead of Acme products, it was no frills.

Looking for baking soda, don’t look for Arm & Hammer, get BAKING SODA. Looking for cola soda, don’t look for Pepsi, get COLA. Same goes for BEER and CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP. Something about the uniformity of this aisle made me smile. Do you remember Pathmark’s No Frills products? Did you have a similar experience?
Pathmark - Beer

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11 thoughts on “No Frills Products Of Pathmark

  1. Adam Morrison says:

    A related experience; for years, up here in Canuckland, we have a chain of grocery stores called No Frills, and they feature the store brand No Name products, which feature plain labels with black text over yellow colouring. No beer under the banner to the best of my knowledge, but everything from cleaning supplies to all-dressed chips to drinking straws and so on is offered.

  2. Brad Walker says:

    Somehow my link to the Brandless online store dropped out, but it should be findable on Google.

  3. Steve says:

    These pictures bring back a tone of memories. My first Job (when I was 15) was at a store in CT owed by Pathmark called Heartland in that late 80s early 90s. After a couple years I was put in charge of the “no frills” section. I would order and stock that isle multiple times a week for years. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Heather says:

    Oh, the memories! I grew up in New Jersey; we usually went to Shoprite but sometimes to Pathmark. What a great idea, I wonder why they don’t have this any more.

  5. David says:

    I loved NO FRILLS. I didn’t totally get it as a kid (in NJ) but was fascinated that the brand was so bland.

  6. Amy says:

    I’m from Levittown, PA. I remember this aisle as a kid because it seemed sinister to me, and vaguely …un-American? Just really weird. Everything is exactly what is says it is, or IS it? It confused the hell out of my young mind. What is this stuff and why is it packaged this way?!!

  7. Sal Costo says:

    Remember it fondly. Always wondered why Pathmark didn’t just make the no frills brand their official store brand. It was so cool.

  8. Yep sure do remember. We would go to Pathmark in Yonkers. No Frills is nothing more than store brand these days.

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