Allison’s Gameplay: Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition

Allison’s Gameplay: Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition

I lost on Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition, baby! Come watch me get my book geek on in a play through of the 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game “Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition.” You may find yourself singing along with “Weird” Al Yankovic too!

It Was a Little Too “Vanilla”

I finished recording a gameplay video for Wheel of Fortune – Deluxe Edition the night before recording this gameplay, banking on it as my next Retroist article.

And then I saw how “vanilla” the game is.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is perfectly playable and fun (if you like word games), but it was so…bland. I finished making a 40-minute gameplay video that yielded few comments. There wasn’t much to say. But since I don’t waste good gameplay footage, I uploaded it to YouTube and scheduled it as an article on Allison’s Written Words. And then I tackled Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition, because despite being a game of knowledge, it couldn’t possibly be as bland, could it?

The answer is no.

I Was Here, To Test My Intellect…

On Nesbox emulator…

Against Tim Allen’s lookalike, and an old lady. Probably both with PhDs.

I was tense, I was nervous…

And when you watch my video, you’ll understand why.

Oh, and its laden with commentary!

Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition

Upload via Allison Venezio  / Allison’s Written Words

But Wait, There’s More!

Oh, and if you’re really itching after 49 minutes of Jeopardy! – Deluxe Edition to see the Wheel of Fortune play through, then by all means…

Allison Venezio-Preston

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