Golden Axe - Christopher Tupa

Retro Arcade Art By CTupa: Golden Axe (1989)

Happy Holidays, friends. What better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some of Christopher Tupa‘s wonderful artwork? Golden Axe which is of course the pick for this week’s Retro Arcade Art project, is in fact a game I’ve covered on the Diary podcast. When it comes to examples of classic hack and slash arcade titles. I most certainly think Sega’s 1989 Golden Axe is impossible to beat!
Golden Axe - Arcade Marquee

The creator of Golden Axe was Makoto Uchida. I mention this because he just so happened to have hand in co-creating another classic fighting side-scrolling for Sega. I am of course referring to 1988’s arcade classic Altered Beasts!

In fact I’ve heard rumors that Uchida originally had intended Golden Axe to be a very different game. His wish was to produce something that resembled 1986’s Dragon Quest. However his superiors at Sega didn’t agree so the title became a hack and slash. Having said that though with the addition of upgradeable magic spells.That I think are visually impressive to say the least and made the game stand out in the arcades.
Golden Axe - Magic

Golden Axe allowed Players to choose from three different champions. All with an…ahem…axe to grind against the evil Death Adder.

A mighty barbarian warrior named Ax Battler seeks vengeance for the death of his Mother.
Golden Axe - Ax

Trained by Amazons to gain revenge for the death of her parents, we have Tyris Flare.
Golden Axe - Tyris

Last and certainly not least is Gilius Thunderhead. A Dwarf soldier who lost his brother during an attack by Death Adder’s legions. In addition I feel that Gilius really is the only option to go with when playing Golden Axe but I am rather biased on the subject matter.
Golden Axe - Gilius

Players have three buttons to use while playing the game. An attack button, a jump button, and of course a button for using those magic potions. Which in turn activate the specific magic spell of the hero. In addition the Player can press both the jump and attack button to activate a special attack.
Golden Axe - Special Move

When the action gets to intense the Player is able to clear some space, by tapping twice in the desired direction with the joystick, the Hero will charge and knock back foes.
Golden Axe - Shoulder Charge

On various stages there is also the addition of powerful beasts as well. These creatures are ridden into battle by the forces of Death Adder but are easily knocked off. Allowing the Player to take control of the beast and wreck havoc. You need to be careful however as your fellow Players are not immune to these attacks!
Golden Axe - Beast Master

There are also bonus stages throughout the game. Moments where while the Players are sleeping around a campfire, they are victims of a bandit. Probably a Gnome. The thieves scurry about the screen and the Players must must attack them which in turn cause them to drop food and potions. In this manner you can more easily upgrade your magic attack.
Golden Axe - Bandit

Golden Axe was very popular in the arcades. However it was a HUGE deal on the Sega Genesis!

[Via] Sega CD Universe

As always with CTupa’s Retro Arcade Art project, you can purchase the artwork featured in this post. The originals are ink and watercolor and are 5″x7″ on 8.5″x11″ size paper. You can hop on over to Christopher’s Official Site to contact him as well as check out more artwork from his project!

I hope you won’t forget to check out CTupa’s previous entries in his Retro Arcade Art Project as well!

Now then, how about a complete walkthrough of Golden Axe?

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