More Tales of Dying Retail: Ace’s Adventures

Just in case you missed my last look at dying retail culture on film:

Beautifully Haunting: Dead Mall Culture As Seen By Dan Bell

The Culture of Dying Retail and Malls

With online shopping offering better options, lower costs, and the ability to buy from your living room couch, malls and brick-and-mortar stores are becoming relics of the past. Communities socioeconomic factors only contribute to this trend. Once great places to find what you needed, socialize, and eat are now becoming a thing of the past.

As more and more stores and malls meet the definition of “dying retail” and “dead mall,” some head out on the road, on their way to photograph and film the culture. Dated decor and furnishings, vacant storefronts, and smaller/non-existent crowds serve as the common thread of this culture. For those of us in the nostalgia business, we’re left sighing and remembering when.

The other common thread? Bath and Body Works.

Seriously, the apocalypse of dead mall/dying retail culture could hit, and there will still be plenty of fruity body spray for all!

Bonus points for the old storefront from the early 2000s (the one pictured here is the current storefront).

This Is Dan Bell

A few week ago, I talked about Dan Bell and his Dead Mall Series. Dan’s vast expanse of exploration covers not just dying and dead malls, but also dirty abandoned motel rooms, and dead motels. The stories his videos tell are more than his commentary – the passage of time is not kind to what is abandoned. The images are fascinating. However, I will admit the idea of the motel series grosses me out, so I’m dragging my heels with seeing it.

However, if you’re strong of stomach…

This Is Dan Bell: Another Dirty Room

This is Dan Bell: Dead Motel Series

…And Now, Ace’s Adventures!

Meanwhile, based out of Buffalo, New York, Anthony Ernewein is staking his claim in the amazing culture of dying retail, covering ground in the well-worn footsteps of those before him, but with the added bonus of news footage. Anthony (“Ace”) is a 9-5 guy with who also deejays on the side, but treats dying retail culture the way anyone with an interest should. His videos are thorough, the images speak more than the commentary, and the use of archived news footage is awesome. Anthony does it right, and like those with the same passion, treats the places he goes with the utmost respect.

My point is, there are plenty of Urbex videos out there, and plenty of explorers to cover it all, but only a handfull treat this interest with the respect these places deserve. Like Dan, Anthony is doing this all right.

I just started watching Ace’s Adventures, but I’m loving what I see.

Ace’s Adventures

Be sure to check out this playlist of his series – perhaps you’ll find it fascinating too!

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