Not everyone will like what you like

Not everyone will like what you like

Recently the trailer for the upcoming film, Ready Player One hit the internet. Based on the nostalgia drenched book by Ernest Cline and directed by Steven Spielberg, the film has been enthusiastically anticipated by a lot of people who frequent this site. For those who have not seen it, here is the trailer.

As you might guess from the title of this site, I think this is pretty cool. But it turns out a lot of people don’t. This has caused a very minor controversy on the internet. Are we seeing a backlash against nostalgia? Have we had enough eighties pop culture? The answer to both is maybe and it doesn’t matter. At least it doesn’t matter to me.

I am going to see Ready Player One because I am into it. But I am into a lot of things that people are not into. It is folly to think that everyone will be. We have been lucky enough to live in bit of a geek culture explosion. I would like to think that it will last forever, but if I have learned anything about pop culture over the years, it will not.

Whatever you are into, be it this film, Star Trek Discovery or drone racing, just enjoy it. Know that people might not agree with your choice in entertainment, they might be downright hostile to it. Valid or not, they have their reasons. Greeting them with equal hostility is not going to change that. Most likely, nothing will change that.

My feeling is why bother. Instead take advantage of this brief period where what you love is in the spotlight. You only have a finite amount of time when these things will get made. So stop caring how other people think or react.

Geeky things have been around for a very long time. Long before they were a hot commodity. Eventually they will be pushed back in the cultural hierarchy again. It will be a sad day, but it will come sooner than we think. So don’t spend this precious era worrying about backlashes or who cares about what. Just enjoy it.

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote. My retro hobbies and 1980s nostalgia are really only shared by me in the small group of people I know in person. So even if it dies down in the mainstream, I can always find like-minded folk on the world wide web. Hence how I found this website!

    This movie along with shows like Stranger Things are for us and the best part, they’re made by us! We’ll be fine and I don’t see a need to get angry at those that don’t share my fandom.

  2. I’m pretty much alone in all of this crazy nostalgia, aside from this group. I think people around me have learned that nostalgia is just one of the things that is part of my personality. I won’t change because someone tells me to. I’m done with that and refuse to go back to that part of my life.

  3. Well said. When what you love is mainstream then you get more ‘stuff’, which is cool, but it can also
    kind of make it less special or exclusive in a way too. When it stops becoming mainstream it becomes your own unique little specialism again. Pros and cons. Just look for the pros in both situations.

  4. Not really excited about this movie. I think what people are reacting to is that the nostalgia seems forced and not genuine. Like its a ‘cookie cutter by the numbers’ approach and just thrown in there to be ‘retro’.

  5. I think we are beginning to see a backlash or at least a loss of enthusiam for 80’s nostalgia. I’ve seen countless retro blogs die in the past year. Of course, I think Facebook is the cause of a lot of that. And it also may be the cause of fading nostalgia. The constant barrage of images from Facebook would make anything get old. I also think it has to do with our aging generation. Remember when all the Boomer stuff was so popular (cartoons, toys, etc.)? I sell on eBay and I’ve seen a sharp drop in the demand and value for those and am seeing a similar drop in ’80’s toys. I think it’s a passing of the torch to the next generation’s nostalgia. But I for one will be sticking around.

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