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The Lawnmower Man had an interesting cinematic journey. When it was first being advertised back in 1992 it in fact had Stephen King’s name attached to the film. Based on his short story from 1975. Problems arose however when King began to realize the movie had very little to do with his version of The Lawnmower Man.
Lawnmower Man - 1992 Poster

King’s The Lawnmower Man was first published in the May 1975 issue of Cavalier. Although I first read it in a copy of his 1978 Night Shift, a collection of his short stories. The King tales concerns a man who had a rather bad incident while mowing his lawn the previous Summer. Moreover this incident involved a neighbor’s dog chasing another neighbor’s cat under his lawnmower!

I think you can see why the protagonist might feel like letting the yard grow. Finally of course he needs to hire a service and that is when the true terror begins. A large and overweight man comes to mow the lawn and he has a peculiar way of taking care of the grass to say the least. In fact the story was adapted into the Marvel Comics magazine title Bizarre Adventures #29. Furthermore using King’s text and the legendary Walt Simonson’s artwork.
Lawnmower Man - Bizarre Adventures
Lawnmower Man -Walt Simonson
Lawnmower Man - Walt Simonson - Bizarre Adventures #29

I apologize, I got off on a tangent there. Stephen King apparently felt the 1992 film adaptation didn’t have anything really to do with his work. So he successfully sued to have his name removed from all advertising as well as the movie. It was upheld twice in court but New Line Cinema didn’t fix the issue until the third time the author brought them to trial. I found out that King won additional damages as well when the home video release featured his name. New Line was ordered to pay King $10,000 a day for every day they didn’t strike his name from the home media. In addition they had to forfeit all profits earned from those sales.
Lawnmower Man - Laserdisc

Be that as it may, The Lawnmower Man has become a cult film. One of those reasons of course is the then impressive CGI work for the virtual reality sequences.
Lawnmower Man

The story for the film concerns Dr. Lawrence Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) who is employed by Virtual Space Industries. The good Doctor is attempting to craft a software program that uses virtual reality and an experimental drug to boost a subject’s intelligence. In this case it is being tested on Chimpanzees – which of course goes wrong. Dr. Angelo is against the military aspects of his project in the first place and when things go wrong he decides to do research on his own. With the help of Jobe Smith (Jeff Fahey), a gardener who is slow-witted but has a gentle heart.

Obviously the movie wouldn’t be very interesting if everything went according plan. While Jobe is becoming much smarter, I would say super-humanly so as he learns Latin in just two hours. The man who quite frankly has been abused most of his life starts gaining disturbing abilities. Such as telekinesis and even telepathy. It turns out that Dr. Angelo’s former “boss” has secretly been administering the aggressive drug into Jobe’s treaments. As you can probably imagine this certainly doesn’t bode well for those who used to mistreat the young man.
Lawnmower Man - Mower
Lawnmower Man - Jobe loses it

So it becomes up to Dr. Angelo to confront his out of control creation in the wilds of cyberspace. Up for grabs is nothing short but the fate of the world itself! You’ll have to pick up the The Lawnmower Man: Collector’s Edition to learn who is victorious.
Lawnmower Man - Virtual Reality

This marks the first time the film has been available on Blu-Ray. Scream Factory has of course packed this two disc collector’s edition with all sort of extras:

Disc One – Theatrical Cut:

  • NEW 4K Scan Of The Interpositive
  • NEW Cybergod: Creating The Lawnmower Man – Featuring Interviews With Co-Writer/Director Brett Leonard, Actor Jeff Fahey, Editor Alan Baumgarten, Make-up Effects Artist Michael Deak And Special Effects Coordinator Frank Ceglia
  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Brett Leonard And Writer/Producer Gimel Everett
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Original Electronic Press Kit With Cast Interviews And Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Edited Animated Sequences
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot

Disc Two – Director’s Cut:

  • NEW 4K Scan Of The Interpositive With Additional “Director’s Cut” Footage From The Original
  • Camera Negative
  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Brett Leonard And Writer/Producer Gimel Everett
  • Conceptual Art And Design Sketches
  • Behind-The-Scenes And Production Stills
  • Storyboard Comparison

So prepare yourself for the coming of The Lawnmower Man on 6/20. In addition you can hop on over to Scream Factory and pre-order your copy today!

The Lawnmower Man demands you roll for initiative!

Lawnmower Man - D20


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