Before She Saved The Universe, Amanda Tapping Saved Product Placement!

And while Amanda Tapping was doing this, so was Scott Bakula!

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“The Woman From Stargate SG-1”

If you’re familiar with science fiction and have some passing knowledge of the Stargate franchise, then Amanda Tapping is a name you’ll know.

Known as Samantha “Sam” Carter, the second-in-command/astrophysicist/woman with all the technobabble is known for being the one to pave the way for all the woman who walked through the Stargate across three series and 14 years. From her beginnings as a Captain to her eventual promotion to Colonel, Samantha Carter saw her share of what the galaxy could throw at her. She also did it with a megawatt smile and a killer aim.

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Bonus points if you can put Colonel O’Neill in his place via frustration. That always  means you are doing something right!

They All Make Commercials…

But before Amanda Tapping took on the role that undoubtedly pushed her career in the right direction, she appeared on different Canadian television series, and like most actors seeking out their big breaks, made commercials.

I know of three commercials in existence. One such advertisement actually aired in 1998 (after Stargate SG-1 premiered), but isn’t on You Tube anymore. However, two of those pre-SG-1 commercials are available, and yeah, they’re gold.

We All Are Tempted By Chocolate…

But does our chocolate talk to us?

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It’s the unending battle of 3 pm chocolate cravings versus “Judy.” Except, in the real world, our chocolate doesn’t actually talk to us. Perhaps in our heads, but not…

Don’t judge me.

But before chocolate candy cravings, there was muffins. And Canadian doughnut shops.

And There Was That Time at Tim Horton’s…

I’m sure a few Stargate fans wanted to buy a muffin if Amanda Tapping sold it to them.

And in 1989, a delightfully Canadian man was lucky enough to!

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So much smiling and Canadian accents. And Oooht (not Oat) Bran!

I had Tim Horton’s when I was in Michigan last year, and proclaimed my status as an “Honorary Canadian.” Because why not?

Advil and a Smile

Of course, I’d love to show you the third commercial (for Advil Cold and Sinus), but it isn’t on You Tube anymore.

But that doesn’t mean screenshots of it aren’t circulating online!

She has to be the most chipper person to ever need Advil….unless this is a side effect. In that case, I’d want to know what’s in the stuff.

Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Actors pay their dues to get to the top of their craft, and if that means hocking medicine, chocolate, and Ooht Bran Muffins with a smile, then so be it.

Besides, she eventually wound up using that smile to her advantage…

I don’t think he always minded it either. Just sayin’.

Oh, and I totally met her in 2013. And that hair was inspired by her pixie cut from Stargate SG-1.

Again, don’t judge.

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