In Search of Bigfoot (1976)

Robert Morgan, Bigfoot Hunter Extraordinaire heads up a summertime expedition to prove the existence of Bigfoot!  Morgan, the hard driving team leader pushes his team of scientists, and naturalists to their limits in hopes of finally proving that Bigfoot is REAL!

Aside from the generic nature shots that’s come to be the  obvious go-to filler for these types of movies, we are treated this time to amazing vistas of the pre-eruption volcano Mount St. Helens in Washington State that eventually blew her top in 1980. The feverish search for Bigfoot takes place around the base of the mountain! Moving from one location to another, Morgan and crew leave not a single rock unturned for their quest for the truth, at least that’s the way it seems. Morgan’s tenacious nature stems from an encounter he had in 1957 while hunting not far from the St. Helens area. He’s quite a character to root for, looking much like a young Donald Pleasence. He’s a man that’s made up his mind, BIGFOOT IS REAL! And it’s him, that will uncover the truth. The world needs to know, as we can learn much from the forest giants. Along the way, footprints are found, witnesses are interviewed, sighting locations are visited. All with the constant plinking of a harmonica/banjo soundtrack that will make some cringe, and some go completely insane. Clearly the budget was spent on supplies, and field tents. Aside from that, we sadly never see a Bigfoot, nor is one ever faked for the sake of showing something for mere spectacle. I don’t think Morgan would have allowed that, as his belief in the production of this movie is as honest as his belief in his subject matter. No, Robert Morgan is a straight shooter in the search for Bigfoot. He accepts no nonsense, and what you get here is an honest investigation. The search that summer is filled with action, but again it’s hindered by lack of anything concrete. To top things off, a forest fire during the final days of the search has all but suffocated further tracking of the creatures, which leaves the team and the viewers sad that the search is over. At least this year…

It’s a real treat to listen to, and watch Robert Morgan. He’s the type of man you’d love to talk shop with. Morgan is one of the first Bigfoot hunters and many in the “field” agree he’s pioneered much in his attempt to prove the Bigfoot’s existence. So next time you’re out camping, raise a beer for Bigfoot, and Robert Morgan! The both of them could be out there right now!

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