Who Does Peter Cetera “Wanna Take Forever Tonight” With?

Who Does Peter Cetera “Wanna Take Forever Tonight” With?

I’m not asking you if you wanna take forever tonight with Peter Cetera, that is the actual name of the song!

The funny thing is, I originally came up with this idea while listening to the aforementioned Peter Cetera song. As I write this opening line, I’m listening to a different song from the same album.


“Cetera: Lord of the Ladies”

If Chicago music videos have taught me anything, Peter Cetera was more than competent in landing the lady. If you need proof of this, I highly recommend “Along Comes A Woman” and “Stay the Night.” And if you want to see him lose the lady, also watch both music videos.

And no, there is no accompanying article for “Stay the Night”…yet. I don’t write about every Chicago song there is!

Come for the heartbreak, stay for the horn section cameo. Those guys are the true actors of the group.

Peter Cetera’s departure from Chicago in 1985 didn’t mean career suicide; it actually meant the opposite – numerous hits and albums, and songs with several ladies of singing abilities.

There was Amy Grant, Sheena Easton, and Crystal Bernard…

Oh yes, Crystal Bernard, or as association goes…

“The Southern Blonde From Wings

If Crystal Bernard’s name doesn’t sound familiar to you immediately, it is her face and voice you’ll know immediately. From 1990 until 1997, she played sassy lunch counter owner and on-off-accidental-fiancee-wife Helen Chappel (later Hackett) on the NBC sitcom Wings. It was her spitfire personality that made her shine on the show, which is still one of my favorite sitcoms of the ’90s.

Plus she slept with Tim Daly’s character. She officially made millions of lovesick women jealous. We all knew who these ladies wanted to “take forever tonight” with.

The two characters took their bickering and on/off relationship to the next level when Joe proclaimed his love for the engaged Helen (after the aforementioned “accidental get together” that closed out season five), and subsequently married at the end of season six. The show’s humor didn’t suffer as a result of their marriage, and ran for two more years, so we could see them build a life together.

Coincidentally enough, her pairing with Peter Cetera on this song, which no doubt was the wedding song of at least five people in 1995, was released in the summer of 1995, shortly after the wedding of Helen and Joe.

The song had no connection to the sitcom’s nuptials episode, but it seems very coincidental that the song’s release has this timing.

One Clear Voice…One Disappointing Critical Response

The song was released as part of Cetera’s 1995 album One Clear Voice, which was not commercially successful, but this modestly successful single charted at #22 on the Adult Contemporary Chart, and #86 on the Pop Chart. Bernard was chosen by Cetera to sing this song after he heard her demo tape. In reality, Bernard had been singing most of her life, and released several albums in the 1990s.

Despite the less-than-stellar charting position, the song (and the accompanying video) are beautiful and perfect.

Cetera dreams/sings of the girl…

The girl sings about him…

He pictures them making beautiful music together…

She passes him in a chance encounter…

She probably wonders who the heck this guy is…

And Cetera loses the girl.

Oh wow, it’s “Along Comes a Woman” all over again!

That’s um…sorta depressing.

But these two make beautiful music (and a beatiful video) together!

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.


Uploaded by Ed Saka

So, we know who Crystal Bernard wanted to “take forever tonight” with, but what about Peter Cetera?

It isn’t that much of a stretch!

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