Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener Intro

Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener Intro

The internet is always spitting out gems. Things that in the past you would have had to stumble upon or dig up are served up to you at the click of a button. Today, I was lucky enough to see this remarkable intro to the Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener from 1990. This themed segment discusses the advantages of picking up the VHS version of the film to have at rental stores.

It is cheesy and well-themed. Featuring a guy in a shirt and tie, who has all the answers as to why Nightmare On Elm Street 5 is a great investment. His biggest issue is that he somehow has crossed paths with Freddy. While other people are easy to convince about marketing items and pay-per-view blackouts, Freddy is not. The Freddy in this video looks pretty good and does some zany Freddy-style gag, but the voice is pretty off. The best of his gags? Freddy wearing a Halloween Freddy mask at the 3 minute and 40 second mark.

Freddy Krueger Halloween Mask
Sure you think you are cool, but are you Freddy Krueger putting on a Freddy Krueger Halloween mask cool?

Having worked in a video store during this time period, I loved when we got videos like this. Not for the production values, but for the promise of posters and cardboard cutouts that we would possibly be getting. These things were valuable currency for a video store clerk. Sadly I was usually on the bottom of the list for such things, but I would occasionally get a gem that I could trade to a friend for something I might want.

I had not thought about these screeners in years, but watching this Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener makes me think it might be time to start a new collection. These screeners have to be out there somewhere, time to start hitting those flea markets.

Nightmare On Elm Street 5 VHS Screener Intro

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