The Music Of Jesus Christ Superstar

The Music Of Jesus Christ Superstar

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Happy Easter! This time, I’d like to talk music. Specifically, Jesus Christ Superstar’s music.

The musical and movie were created by someone named Andrew Lloyd Weber. I doubt he’ll ever find work anywhere. Yeah, right! Ok, ok. Just kidding.

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I didn’t see Jesus Christ Superstar until well into the home video age, so this actually, has way more to do with the music. My sisters and I would gather around the piano and belt out the songs. Especially at Easter time, but not exclusively. The older two, Debbie and Kathy, would play the piano, maybe Liz or I, would get to turn the pages, and we’d just rock it out!
Jesus Christ Superstar

Now, this may sound goofy, but, we are a musical family. Our dad owned a music store, which my sister now owns. So, it was not uncommon for many, many jam sessions to spring up out of nowhere. If I called or sent a text , saying, “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happening.” They’d get it right away. I don’t know if we were more Von Trapp or Brady Bunch, but man what a racket!!

Thanks to the Leeds Music Corporation for producing the deluxe motion picture album, which included musical score selections, great color and black and white photos from the movie, lyrics, some dialogue, etc. The book was a real “all-in-one” affair.

Our copy of the book has been taped and retaped over the years, as we certainly used it a lot. From our house on the river, to the brick house in the town, to the house in the lumber city, that songbook got around! It was fun to thumb through it, even when we weren’t using it musically.

When I finally did see the film and soaked up the music, it was pretty cool and made any future jam session have more depth. I had a better understanding of where the performers were coming from, musically.

You might want to search this book out and try your own sibling jam session. I think you’ll find it to be funky and fun! Or, your neighbor will through shoes at you, for your awful caterwauling! Who’s to say?! Anyway, enjoy!!

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