Get your own 3D printed TRON Bit

Get your own 3D printed TRON Bit

In the original TRON film, Bit is a fascinating but often overlooked character. A digital creation, Bit was probably the first completely computer-generated character. Bit was simple and adorable. So naturally I fell in love with the character. We have digital assistants that are much more capable than Bit, but they don’t scratch that itch. So I have been looking at picking up a 3D printed TRON Bit. Not only did a find one, but a host of them.

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I was rewatching the underrated TRON Legacy recently and I was reminded of Bit from a scene where we see models of them in Kevin Flynn’s home. Seeing them all shiny and physical made me want my own. A quick search online and I found a few options. The first were these papercraft Bits. They look cool, but I am not very good with paper. And I would prefer something I could hold in my hand and play around with. So I decided to look for a 3D printed TRON Bit option.

Bit is only capable of yes or no answer. So it has three states, yes, no and idle. All 3 are available from 3D print marketplace, Shapeways. They would make a wonderful addition to any desk or shelf. You could even put them in a bag or cup and draw them randomly to get a quick answer to any question. Be warned when browsing Shapeways, you will be tempted by many wondrous TRON creations. This Recognizer is calling to me. Don’t even get me started on their 3D printed dice.

3D Printed Tron Bit Yes

3D Printed Tron Bit No

3D Printed Tron Bit Idle

For those of you who have not seen this remarkable creation in action. Here is bit doing his computer-generated thing all the way back in 1982.

Watch this Bit scene from the original TRON

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