Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack

Enjoy this fanmade Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack

As a kid, I fell in love with the film Xanadu. My sister was a fan and her constant watching turned me into one. While the visuals and story are great, one of the more intriguing parts of the film was the soundtrack. Filled with music my ELO and Olivia Newton-John, it was a record I was constantly taking from my sister’s collection. When I released my Xanadu Podcast, I mentioned that when listening to the soundtrack, I preferred this fanmade Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack that I found online.

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Yes, the original soundtrack is great, but Xanadu is overflowing with music. No matter how many soundtracks they release, they just can’t seem to get everything I want into it. That is where a wonderful fan named selwyn c and their Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack enters the picture. They have put together a soundtrack that is over an hour-long and it is filled with great tunes not together on an official releases. It is a mighty mix project of non-stop Xanadu magic that includes many unreleased songs which were extracted from the film.

So do yourself a favor. Take off your headphones, turn up the speaker on your computer and turn on this soundtrack. Be prepared, you will be whisked away on a cloud of late seventies/early eighties musical gold that might start you dancing.

Listen the Xanadu Expanded Soundtrack


Here is the Track Listing to help you find the songs you enjoy the most. I suggest jumping to 00.46.50 if you want to get amped up. Although I got to warn you. You might want to put on a pair of roller-skates beforehand.

Xanadu Soundtrack:

00.00.00 – Intro – Whenever You’re Away From Me / Xanadu (instrumental)
00.01.44 – I’m Alive (ELO)
00.05.52 – Magic (ONJ)
00.10.16 – Mission to Moscow (Glenn Miller & The Army Air Force Band )
00.12.40 – You Made Me Love You (ONJ)
00.15.38 – Whenever You’re Away From Me (Gene Kelly & ONJ)
00.20.35 – Suddenly (Cliff Richard & ONJ)
00.24.34 – Dancin’ (ONJ & The Tubes)
00.30.54 – Don’t Walk Away (ELO)
00.35.33 – All Over the World (ELO)
00.39.25 – The Fall (ELO)
00.43.04 – Suspended in Time (ONJ)

Xanadu Suite:

00.46.50 – Drum Dreams (ELO)
00.50.19 – Xanadu (ELO & ONJ)
00.53.28 – The Roaring Twenties (The Nine Sisters)
00.54.43 – Fool /Country (ONJ)
00.57.03 – Xanadu (Chorus Reprise) (ELO & ONJ)
00.58.25 – Magic (Chorus Reprise) (ONJ)
00.59.26 – The End (Instrumental)
01.00.07 – Xanadu (End Title Instrumental) (ELO)


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