Want your very own Clash of the Titans Bubo the Owl?

When I saw the film Clash of the Titans as a kid, I didn’t walk away wanting a cool sword or flying horse. No, I wanted my very own Bubo Owl. While the movie was filled with many impressive stop-motion characters, Bubo impressed me the most. He is this wonderful friendly mechanical owl and he is adorable. How could I resist?


In the 1981 film, Bubo was forged by the god Hephaestus for Athena. She sends wise Bubo to aid Perseus in his quest to save the princess Andromeda. Bubo does his best throughout the film and Perseus overcome numerous enemies with his aid. In the easily forgotten 2010 version of the film, they use him as a throwaway joke. When Perseus find him, in a bin in an armory, he is advised to just leave him behind. Sorry if you are a fan of this version, but when you disrespect my favorite mechanical owl, you are dead to me.

I have wanted one of these wonderful owls for years, but now I do not need to wait any longer. Amazon is selling plastic versions of Bubo for 14 bucks with 2 day shipping for Prime Members. I ordered mine this weekend. So soon, I will be a modern-day Perseus. Striding the streets of my fair city. Plastic mechanical owl sent by the goddess of Wisdom via Amazon perched nobly upon on my shoulder. All who behold me will know, here comes a hero. Who knows, maybe I will even decide to take this to the next level and pick up the costumes to complete the look.

It might not be as cool as this mechanical owl that Podpad Studios posted in 2015, but it is perfect for me. Although if Podpad wants to send me a mechanical owl, I would be happy to take one.

If you have not seen Clash of the Titans and are not sure what I am talking about. Here is some scenes capturing some great moments of our winged hero.

Check out Bubo the Owl in action


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