Have you seen the Tom Selleck Indiana Jones Screen Test?

Have you seen the Tom Selleck Indiana Jones Screen Test?

As many Indiana Jones fans will tell you, Harrison Ford was not the first choice for the role. No, that honor would go to the mustachioed legend, Tom Selleck. Fortunately for Harrison Ford, Selleck was locked into a contract to play Magnum PI. This prevented him from playing the role that Ford made famous. We don’t know exactly how he would have played Jones, but we can get a hint from the Tom Selleck Indiana Jones Screen Test that someone was nice enough to post online.

In it you will see Selleck as Jones and Sean Young playing Marion Ravenwood. It is a short sequence, but juicy. Young and Selleck have decent chemistry, but surprisingly come off as a little wooden. This is something I have noticed in a lot of screen tests, so it just might be a side-effect of the medium.

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From I learned about this famous “almost casting,” Ford was actually who they had in mind for the character when working on him. Ford had done very well in Star Wars. So it was not clear that he should be cast. When Selleck came in, he fit all the criteria. He was charismastic, good-looking and could play an adventure and romantic lead. These were all also things that Ford could do very well. So when Selleck bowed out, they pulled Ford into the film and the rest is history.

So enjoy this too short Screen Test and decide for yourself. Would Tom Selleck have been a good Indiana Jones? Would Sean Young have been a good Marion Ravenwood?

Watch the Tom Selleck Indiana Jones Screen Test

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