Mattel Lie Detector

Can you pass the Mattel Lie Detector Test?

I recently picked up this Mattel Lie Detector Scientific Crime Game at a flea market. This is a version dated 1960. Players try to figure out who committed a crime by using a series of questions and clues. You can choose to put a suspects card into the lie detector machine and see if they are telling the truth. When you stick the pin in the machine the needle will point to false and a bell will ring if the suspect is lying. Or the needle will simply point at true if they are telling the truth. The machine itself is all mechanical with no batteries required. Once you think you know who committed the crime you may serve an arrest warrant and win the game if your crime solving skills are correct.

Mattel Lie Detector

Thanks to Youtube here is an old television commercial so you can see the game in action for yourself.

Mattel Lie Detector Scientific Crime Game Commercial


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