Tom Wopat And John Schneider Sing “Good Ol’ Boys”!

“Good Ol’ Boys”, which was the name of the theme song for The Dukes of Hazzard . Might possibly be in my top ten favorithe television theme songs of all time. In addition to being rather catchy – it didn’t hurt that Waylon Jennings wrote and performed it.
Good Ol' Boys - Waylon Jennings

In fact that very theme really kind of told a new viewer everything they needed to know about the show.

While my Family was a huge fan of the TV series – we never obtained the single. Furthermore I don’t believe I actually knew their was a single released for it all. I certainly would have expected to see it carried at our local Walmart back in the day.

“Good Ol’ Boys” actually hit #1 on the American Country charts in 1980. As well as reaching #21 on Billboard’s Hot 100 according to The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits by Joel Whitburn.

In addition I feel I should add that I never knew that Bo (Schneider) and Luke(Wopat) Duke were singers and musicians themselves. That appears to be the case however thanks to this vintage performance from TNN. Sobchakvideos who uploaded this video on YouTube states this took place in 1993.

So the question is…are Wopat and Schneider any good? By all means they certainly are. The duo start “Good Ol’ Boys” slow and perhaps even reverently. But after about a minute they kick into high gear to an appreciative and packed house!

Now that you’ve heard Tom and John sing “Good Ol’ Boys” why not check out when Roy Orbison visited The Dukes of Hazzard?

Roy Orbison


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