Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 63 (Concession Stand)

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 63 (Concession Stand)

Hello, friends. While this was intended to be a Saturday Frights Podcast episode discussing Night of the Meek. As I could certainly not think of a better Twilight Zone episode than that one. A drunken shopping mall Santa played by Art Carney who is saved at his time of need. All thanks to a little gift, a sign of the compassion one can find in The Twilight Zone.

As I just stated. That was my original intent. However, Life finds away of changing plans. Of snapping your attention to things you didn’t realize. Such a thing happened to me today. Due to overworking I had inadvertently hurt the feelings of a loved one. All is good, friends. My personal story doesn’t have an unhappy ending or anything like that.

This isn’t the end of my contributing to The Retroist. It is however the end of the Saturday Frights Podcast as well as the Diary of an Arcade Employee, Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror and Retro Radio Memories podcasts.

So I felt I should record a little something. A thank you as a matter of fact and a little reason as to why I am ceasing producing those shows. As an aside I will be continuing the Facebook pages for both Saturday Frights and the Diary. As there is a wonderful community that has been built up there.

Happy Holidays and thank you.

I want to thank Metagirl for her wonderful help with the intro to the show of late. As well as to Tony Longworth and of course to Peachy for their fantastic music. I also need to thank Daniel XIII for his sage advice. Of course I cannot thank the Retroist himself enough – for always being there to help guide the show and for being such a friend.

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