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Doctor Who Psychology: A Madman With A Box

For fifty-three years Doctor Who has been entertaining audiences across the globe. There is a rather good reason for this phenomenon. Doctor Who is an imaginative series with great science fiction stories. Furthermore it casts even greater actors in the role of the Doctor.

Having said that, the Doctor can at times be detached. Cold. Even alien as well – which makes sense as he is in fact a member of a race of time-traveling aliens from Gallifrey known as the Time Lords. Thankfully throughout the Doctor Who series he had been able to count on companions. Mostly human – but not always – souls that travel with the good Doctor. To help anchor him on his journey through time and space in the TARDIS.

Now then it is most certainly true that the Doctor in his many regeneration’s has experienced adventures. As well as his share of tragedy and horror. So it only stands to reason that in term of his psychological state he would be of great interest.
Doctor Who

Which is why Dr. Travis Langley has gathered his own set of companions to offer essays on Doctor Who. You might remember I covered two other collections by Langley on Game of Thrones and Captain America.

Doctor Who Psychology: A Madman with a Box offers 19 essays from the likes Janina Scarlet, Alan Kistler, Deirde Kelly, Jim Davies, William Sharp, Erin Currie, Wind Goodfriend, Miranda Pollock, Kristen Erickson, Stephen Prescott, Matt Munson, Jenna Busch, Billy San Juan, Daniel Saunders, Martin Lloyd, and David Kyle Johnson.

A few of the subjects of the essays include:

  • The Compassionate Doctor – Caring for Self by Caring for Others
  • New Face, New Man – A Personality Perspective
  • Who Makes a Good Companion
  • Post-Time War Stress Disorder
  • From Human to Machine – At What Point Do You Lose Your Soul?

Not only that but Doctor Who Psychology: A Madman with a Box also includes a foreword by none other than Kay Manning. Who in fact played Jo Grant – the third Doctor’s companion!

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The book is available now at better book dealers everywhere. Or you can click here for the books’ page on Amazon. In the light of Christmas just being around the corner, you might find this the perfect stocking stuffer.


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