Retro Radio Memories Ep. 85 (Rocky Fortune)

Rocky Fortune was a short lived Old Time Radio series on NBC back in 1953. The popularity of the show was in no small part to whom the showrunners casts as Fortune. Namely none other than Frank Sinatra!

Now bear in mind this isn’t a typical mystery program. No matter what that above GIF might make you think. As a matter of fact I bet you will quite enjoy the overall lightness of the show. Thanks to the writing by creator of Rocky Fortune, George Lefferts, the program plays to Sinatra’s strengths. Which is of course being a mixture of a smooth talker as well as completely cheeky. Moreover would you truly expect anything less from the future Chairman of the Board?
Rocky Fortune - Frank Sinatra

I do go into a little more detail in the podcast itself. But when Sinatra was performing on the Rocky Fortune show – it was a career low for the star. His mouth had landed him in dutch with the head of MGM and his records weren’t selling. Not like they used to that is. Thankfully for Frank and we fans, 1953’s From Here to Eternity helped right his career.

So what is Rocky Fortune all about?

The show follows a wandering young man, an adventurer you might call him named Rocco Fortunato or Rocky Fortune for short. Who through his continuing search for a vocation that fits his demeanor finds himself frequently in hot water. In the case of our episode today entitled “The Shipboard Jewel Robbery” he is on a luxury liner. Acting as a steward from a trip starting in Brazil and headed to New York City. Fate though throws a wrench into the plans when Fortune is accused of stealing $50,000 worth of jewelry…and then of murder.

Can Fortune clear his name and bring the real culprits to justice? Find out for yourself on the Retro Radio Memories Podcast!

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