Sinister Tales of Terror Ep. 13 (The Hidebehinds)

Sinister Tales of Terror Ep. 13 (The Hidebehinds)

Hello there, dear listeners. It has come time once more to venture down into the Vault for one of my Sinister Tales of Terror! I realize that many of you that are hearing my broadcasts are nature lovers. I felt for this episode The Hidebehinds would fit the bill.

In addition to the story, I have included a little local flavor, no extra charge of course. I am nothing if not committed to providing you loyal fright fanatics your moneys worth. Heh, heh, heh.

Our offering for this go around was submitted by Linda Dunsmore. As a matter of fact you should look on The Hidebehinds as a cautionary tale. Furthermore I do cherish the thought that you might listen to this broadcast while out for a walk. Heh.

In addition, much like last week’s broadcast from the Vault. Our story is a little longer than some of the previous tales. I am well aware that many of you prefer the quick touch of fear or you like to get straight to the point. I remind you that I am more than willing to share your very own scary story on the air. You need merely contact me at the Facebooks. Projectionist at the Haunted Drive-In.

By the way, did you notice we have a new bit of art for the show? This was donated to use by none other than The Retroist himself. Perhaps he grew tired of that…doodle…that Victor came up with, eh?

Finally, I believe you will be able to find my broadcasts on the iTunes any day now. It has been submitted to the iTunes Radio Network. Sage informs me that it is being reviewed…to be sure that it is not too frightening for listeners I have no doubt!

Now I beg of you to extinguish your electric lights. Lean in closer to the soothing glow of your personal radio. As I begin this broadcast for my Sinister Tales of Terror…

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Good luck as you leave the Vault. Keep an eye on The Hidebehinds won’t you?

The Hidebehinds


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