Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 80 (Wind Chill)

Wind Chill is an episode from the first season of the very popular Canadian radio show series Nightfall. The show originally aired back on September 19, 1980 on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. With Wind Chill you will learn there is more to fear than dangerous weather conditions!

Nightfall was created by Bill Howell, who made quite a name for himself in the CBC. Howell worked on the incredibly successful and long running radio show, The Mystery Project, from 1992 until 2004. In fact some of the shows from Nightfall ended up unsettling listeners a little too much. These Outraged citizens would call some of the affiliate stations resulting in the program being removed from the air!

In Wind Chill we are introduced to a young woman named Sue. Who had intended on spending the weekend with her friend Sheila in her cabin. Unfortunately while on the drive up, Sue loses control of her car and winds up in a snowbank. Forced to attempt to find Sheila’s cabin on foot – things are looking bleak until she winds up meeting a young mane by the name of Barry. Luckily for Sue – his family’s cabin is nearby. A place for her to hole up for the night and get warm…but what about those strange footprints in the snow? They look like a child’s footprint, right?

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Now before you jump into the show, I want to warn you that Wind Chill is rather modern. While you don’t have to worry about language and such there are some “adult situations” that you might not want younger listeners around for.

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Is a 1980 radio show like Wind Chill really appropriate for Retro Radio Memories?

I think that is actually a very good question! I would point out that this radio show was broadcast a little over 36 years ago. Doesn’t that really fit into the retro category for you?


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