The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror Ep. 9 (The Accident)

Welcome back, friends – to a brand new installment of The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

This week we have a chilling story entitled “The Accident”, a story by Minnboy and submitted by Alan Chaffee. A short tale that is all about regrets and how one moment can absolutely wreck your life. As always you are most welcome to the Vault, that shadowy place where you can relax. Leave the troubles of the real world at the door and enjoy a good tale by candlelight.

The Accident as I just mentioned is another brief tale, it seems like the Projectionist has been choosing those of late. I believe it clocks in around five minutes in total. I also admit that I do not have the talent that my co-host from the Saturday Frights Podcast does with telling a story. I have given it my best shot though!

So as the Projectionist normally says: Now I ask you to turn off those electric lights. Lean in ever closer to the comfortable glow of your personal radio. As I begin my broadcast for the Sinister Tales of Terror…


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