Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 79 (The Nameless Day)

The Hermit’s Cave was a popular Old Time Radios series that ran for over 800 episodes. Beginning in 1930 and lasting until around the 1940’s – it is a good example of radio horror done right. So for your listening pleasure we offer The Nameless Day.
The Hermit's Cave - Digital Deli Too

The series actually began in Detroit, Michigan but was eventually brought to Los Angeles, California due to it’s popularity. In fact the series while in Los Angeles was produced by William Conrad (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jake and the Fatman)!

For our story this week The Nameless Day we are introduced to two men. One is a miserly and underhanded soul named Harden Willgen. His business partner and best friend, Stanley Crayton, invents a contraption that will cool an automobile down quicker. Instead of entertaining the notion of giving Crayton his just profits – Willgen poisons his friend. This as I mention on the podcast is The Hermit’s Cave though and death for Crayton is only the beginning!

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I want to thank the always impressive Digital Deli Too. They are where I found that incredible newspaper ad you see up at the top of the post!

Is it me? Or does the Hermit sound a whole lot like the Projectionist?

I have to wonder…did the Projectionist hear an Old Time Radio episode in his youth or something? At the very least these two shadowy individuals seem to take great joy in things macabre and bizarre!


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