The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales Of Terror Episode 08 (Headlights)

Hello, Dear Listeners! Tell me true, are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Perhaps you believe that Life itself has you in it’s HEADLIGHTS – intent on running you down?

Heh, heh, heh.

Then I believe you should join me down here in the safety of the Retroist Vault. A place where you can rest easy and know that those troubles above can’t reach you. Yet.

It will give me ample time to share with you a short story from my creepy collection of tales, eh? We can pass the time with one such story that I like to call Headlights. A perfect little yarn especially if you are listening to my radio broadcast while driving on a dark and stormy night. Heh.

Now I ask you to turn off those electric lights. Lean in ever closer to the comfortable glow of your personal radio. As I begin my broadcast for the Sinister Tales of Terror…

Directly download the Sinister Tales of Terror:
Episode Mirror #1 (MP3)
Episode Mirror #2 (OGG)

The Projectionist

Lurking in the bowels of the Retroist Vault, the Projectionist comforts himself with the dreams of celluloid glory of days gone by. With his assistant, Daniel XIII, in the quiet time of the night he serves as host in what has been dubbed the Haunted Drive-In. Bringing films to the entertainment starved masses the Haunted Drive-In projector roars to life and shines brightly once again...
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