Retro Radio Memories Ep. 077 (The Batman Mystery Club)

The Batman Mystery Club is a failed 1950 radio pilot whose aim was to help secure a radios series for Batman and Robin. Naturally. They had enjoyed success on their guest appearances upon the hugely popular The Adventures of Superman television show, so why not their own vehicle?

Why didn’t The Batman Mystery Club not get picked up?

Well, contrary to popular opinion on the subject matter, the Joker wasn’t behind this Old Time Radio series being picked up. The truth of it is that no one really knows why it wasn’t given the greenlight…or I guess that should be the Bat-Signal, right?

Yes, that was totally so I could share my favorite moment from Batman Returns.

All right. So what is The Batman Mystery Club all about?

The radio series premise was that Bruce Wayne and Robin, who totally calls him Batman in front of the assembled members of The Batman Mystery Club, would share a past adventure every week. With a focus on proving to children their was no truth in the supernatural and that they shouldn’t be scared by such stories.

The first…well…the only episode is entitled The Monster of Dumphrey Hall and finds the Dynamic Duo visiting a friend of Bruce Wayne’s at a secluded manor located on the moors. While Bruce is adamant that there is nothing to fear or real about matters supernatural – the manor has earned a reputation for possessing a room that no one can stay in. Called the Death Chamber!

So come join us on Retro Radio Memories as we attend a meeting of The Batman Mystery Club!

Theater Curtains
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