The Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror Ep. 06 (Night Terrors)

Hello there, dear listeners. It has come time once more to venture down into the Vault for one of my Sinister Tales of Terror! With Night Terrors our offering this week I was bade not to deviate from the author’s story. One that I think you will in fact find to be rather short. However I aim to please not only the listeners but our loyal supporters of the radio show…wherever they may be.

Night Terrors
My radio broadcasts reach rather far some say!

This story was submitted by Chuck Katmis. Night Terrors is the epitome of a tale of terror that is short but sweet. It wastes no time in getting to the dripping meat of the subject matter. This is not a story that is set in Haddonfield, but instead could happen anywhere. Even of course in your own town. Why it might be happening to someone you know right this minute, eh?

Now at the time of this broadcast it was feared that my radio show would be too terrifying for The Retroist. Which is why of course that Victor continues to slap on that ridiculous warning. You will in fact hear my announcement that the show wouldn’t be carried on this network.

Thankfully clearer minds than Sage’s stepped in and deemed his fears pointless, eh? So I want to thank the Retroist himself for making that all clear. Heh, heh.

In addition I believe that the Retroist himself took matter into his own hands and you can find my broadcasts on iTunes and Google Play.

Now I beg of you to extinguish your electric lights. Lean in closer to the soothing glow of your personal radio. As I begin this broadcast for my Sinister Tales of Terror…


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