Check Out This 1982 Intellivision Ad For Space Battle

Check Out This 1982 Intellivision Ad For Space Battle

In my youth since I was lucky enough to receive the Atari VCS back in 1979 – our household was kind of an Atari family. There were literally countless hour spent sitting on the living room floor playing the likes of Combat, Missile Command, and Asteroids to name just a few with my Grandmother and Father.

Of course that isn’t to say that I didn’t still want other gaming systems like the Vectrex, Colecovision, and Mattel Electronics’s Intellivision. Especially when television commercials and even ads at the Drive-In were really showcasing the graphical advantage of the Intellivision with their spokesman George Plimpton.

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But my Family wisely decided that with all of the money invested in purchasing cartridges for the Atari it didn’t make much sense to add another gaming system to the household. Thankfully those worries of 1979 were pushed aside a couple of years later when my Grandmother came across a garage sale – a college student was moving out and was selling his Intellivision and about five games. She quickly purchased it and quite cheaply and surprised me when I got home from school. The five games were Lock ‘N’ Chase, Triple Action, Utopia, Nightstalker, and last but certainly not least Space Battle.
Space Battle
Space Battle which was released in 1979 had actually began as a Battlestar Galactica game – especially since the enemy ships in the game definitely look like Cylon fighters but as Earl Green’s always fantastic Phosphor Dot Fossils site explains, Mattel Electronics had only secured the rights to produce a handheld electronic game for the popular TV series – not for home gaming systems that connected to a TV. Doh!


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