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Scream Factory has been a blessing to horror movie fans. The past few years, they’ve been passionate about creating a library of beautiful high definition releases of our favorite films, ranging from John Carpenter’s The Fog to the freshly dropped Buckaroo Banzai. They make their best efforts to fill the disc with extras that only a geek could love. In many cases, these versions will be the best version of the movie available at this moment. You get quality, quantity and craftsmanship all in one place.

Many of the films are beloved. Some are random and weird. But every once in a while they release a film that unfortunately was missed the first time around, but is worthy of their five star-treatment.

Session 9 is one of those films. It is one of my favorite horror movies ever made – a truly serious thriller with incredible writing and storytelling. The cast delivers top notch performances and are slightly upped by the film’s other star, its location – the Danvers State Hospital just outside Boston. And the filmmakers waste no time in plunging you into the creepy, crawly, hair-raising edifice.

I’m not going to assume you have seen the film. You may have. But because I adore this film so much, I will not go near any spoilers. I will merely give you a back of the box description directly from Scream Factory.

“Donning protective gear, the men of the Hazmat Elimination Co. venture into the eerily vast and vacant asylum that is filled with an evil and mysterious past.”

That’s all you’ll get from me. Of course, you can check out the trailer. But if you have not seen the film, I urge you not to seek out anything about the movie before you view it.

Scream Factory has done another stellar job with this release. I’ve never seen the film look as good as it does here. Session 9 was made in 2001 and is an early example of a movie shot on video. At that time, that was not the standard practice as it today and while it does have that video sheen to it, it still holds up. The photography is stunning and any way you aim a camera in that location, you’re going to get a hauntingly beautiful image.

The Blu-ray has solid extras. Headlining is a brand new set of interviews with director Brad Anderson, actor/co-writer Stephen Gevedon along with other cast and crew. It’s very insightful and well done. Of course my favorites, Sean Clark and Buz Wallick are back with another Horror’s Hallowed Grounds! Now, a majority of the location at Danver’s State Hospital is gone and a very ritzy condo has taken over. However, Sean Clark visited the location in 2004, so he uses a mix of old footage and new footage to create a great episode. Ported over from the DVD are the audio commentary with Anderson along with a great EPK made during filming. For the Session 9 fan, this is the release you need. And for the newly admitted, this is the best way to be introduced.

Do what Simon says. Click and order Session 9.
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Patrick J. Doody

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