Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review: THE HUMAN TORNADO!



RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack
WRITTEN BY: Jerry Jones, Rudy Ray Moore, Jimmy Lynch
DIRECTED BY: Cliff Roquemore
STARRING: Rudy Ray Moore, Lady Reed, Jimmy Lynch

Dolemite is back; and he makes his grand re-appearance in the only way possible; by descending a small hill while wearing a cape emblazoned with his own name. A fashion show/kata demonstration then takes place followed by a comedy routine. This is all in the first 7 minutes of THE HUMAN TORNADO and all of it has nothing to do with establishing any semblance of a plot. Such is the way of the Dolemite films and the free-wheelin’ insanity they deliver.

When the flick finally does get around to the plot it goes a lil’ somethin’ like this; after an outrageously cartoony racist sheriff (who looks like a shaggy Kenny Rogers) catches Dolemite getting it on with his wife; Dolemite high tails it out of town (after shooting one of the sheriff’s men and leaping down a large embankment all while completely naked) to sunny California.

Following a few impossibly 70’s musical numbers and a bit of business involving the Mafia (represented by even more living cartoons) kidnapping some of Dolemite’s gal-pal Queen Bee’s girls, Dolemite reunites with Queenie.

After some sort of naked bed-based exercise regimen which also involves makin’ sweet love, eating a meal, and a bowl of fruit (trust me, even after you see it you won’t believe it); Dolemite begins a whirlwind attack against the mob. Along the way you are also treated to an “erotic” dream sequence brought on by viewing a black velvet painting which dovetails into Dolemite having “relations” with the mob boss’ wife so forcibly that the house they are in literally begins collapsing – you know what, I’m going to stop right there. You already want to see this.

In addition to all of the outrageousness listed above; the fine, sexy devils at Vinegar Syndrome have saw fit to pack this release of THE HUMAN TORNADO with plenty of extras as well. Besides a restored 2K scan of the film from 35MM; you also get; the continuation of the “I Dolemite” featurette from the DOLEMITE Blu, a fun and informative commentary track from co-star Jimmy Lynch (moderated by Rudy Ray Moore biographer Mark Jason Murray), the DER BASTARD cut of the film in German (which is surreal beyond belief), an audio interview with the flick’s director Cliff Roquemore and martial arts champion Howard Johnson (who also cameos in the film), a still gallery, a radio spot, the film’s soundtrack, and trailers for both THE HUMAN TORNADO and DOLEMITE.

As much as I love DOLEMITE, I have to admit that THE HUMAN TORNADO is even better! Stuffed with sped up karate, rats eating “sensitive areas”, ludicrous ADR, surprisingly forward thinking acceptance (Lady Java is man baby!), and Ernie Hudson’s brother utilized as an unconvincing stand-in; THE HUMAN TORNADO is a must-own piece of insane genre sin-ema history; and this release from VinSyn gives it the love and attention it so richly deserves!


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