There Can Be Only One…30th Anniversary Highlander Blu-Ray And DVD!

There Can Be Only One…30th Anniversary Highlander Blu-Ray And DVD!

When Highlander was released to theaters back on March 7, 1986, I was pretty excited. It was one day after my birthday and being the weekend it meant that we were heading out to the 62 Drive-In to see a new movie. Try to keep in mind that pre-internet it was easy and quite common to not know anything about a film except for what you could glean from the theatrical one-sheet.

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

Which was the certainly the case when my Father and I saw the movie. About ten minutes into the film we turned to each other in amazement at just how much epicness we were seeing unfold on the Drive-In screen was nothing short of epic. The movie also helped to cement my love of Sean Connery as well as Queen…

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When Highlander was released to VHS it was one of the rare movies we purchased at full price – it was watched almost daily. As the 30 years have passed by I may not watch Highlander every day anymore but I still make sure it’s gets a viewing at least once or twice a year. Which is why I was so excited to learn that Lionsgate is set to release an Anniversary Blu-Ray and DVD on 9/27.

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The release info is a little scant at the moment but this is what we know so far:

  • The Making of Highlander
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interviews with Director Russell Mulcahy and Actor Christopher Lambert
  • Archival Interview with Actor Christopher Lambert
  • Audio Commentary by Director Russell Mulcahy

*Subject to change

I want to give a huge thanks as always to IMP Awards for the awesome Highlander poster used in the post above and we will be sure to update you with any additional info as we receive it.


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