It Took 37 Years But I Finally Got A Knock-Em Out Electronic Boxing Game!

It Took 37 Years But I Finally Got A Knock-Em Out Electronic Boxing Game!

Just the other day I was out and about and decided to drop by one of our local comic book shops. I had intended to pick up a couple of used horror movies but when I strolled past the toy case, all of my attention was directed to a rather worn box. You can see that very packaging at the top of the post – it totally has that late 1970s “sport art” style that you could also see on the sport related games for the various Atari 2600 carts of the time.

It wasn’t very much. Twenty dollars. The reason I wanted to pick it up though is I thought it would look great on display at the Arkadia Retrocade…plus I really loved that Kay Bee Toy store sticker in the lower corner. Bambino released Knock-Em-Out Boxing back in 1979 and the fact that sticker made it for 37 years just made it a little more special to me. When I got home though and opened it up…I was totally shocked. It was absolutely pristine and I truly doubt it had ever been played before, I mean if you look at the photo below you will see it still had the plastic strip over the VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)!
Knock Em Out - Boxing
I decided to take a chance and see if there might have been a commercial for Knock-Em Out Boxing because I do not actually remember ever coming across this game in my youth. Not only was there a vintage commercial but it’s absolutely awesome – it has some pre-TRON visual effects going for it.

Now I popped open the battery compartment and was delighted to see no corrosion or any sign that batteries had been used in the game before. Since it was so late in the evening however I decided to wait until the following afternoon when going up to the arcade to pick up the necessary four C batteries. When I got through the door of the arcade I quickly took it to the snack bar and installed the batteries…flipped the switch…and yelled out in triumph as the VFD responded – possibly for the very first time in 37 years!

Put up your dukes, Video Boxers!
Put up your dukes, Video Boxers!

Knock-Em Out Boxing is a two-player game although you can change the number of players if you have to go solo.
Boxing - Bambino - One Player
Duck that blow!
Knock Em Out Boxing - Duck
After documenting the electronic game I stepped aside and let a good friend to the arcade, Alex Martin, step up and play..
Alex - Arkadia Retrocade - Boxing
So it may have taken quite some time and who knows the journey it must have made from a Kay Bee toy store to my neck of the woods but Bambino’s Knock-Em-Out-Boxing has found a new home at the Arkadia Retrocade!


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