Let It Whip!

If you’ve read enough of my material on here and on my blog, you’ve probably seen a few write-ups about my love of music and the impact it has on me.

Which begs this question:

Have you ever had the experience of one song reminding you of something personal, and not in a good way?

Feminine hygiene and product commercials, for me, have always been the most uncomfortable experience. It’s not something to be shy about or to shy away from, but for me, I’ve always been in the same room as men when one of these commercials is on. When I was a kid, it was usually my dad and my brother watching television in the same room. Now, it’s usually my dad in the same room. But even when I’m in a room by myself, and one of these commercials comes on, I’m still cringing. It’s the image of being the embarrassed 12-year-old that still haunts me at 33 years old.

I know the products are supposed to depict life lived without the worries of the dilemma known as the menstrual cycle (as this entry I used for Flashback Friday several months ago on my blog will tell you)…

Uploaded by Allison Venezio

…but it still makes me think about how I don’t want to know that the girl waiting in line in front of me on the waterslide is wearing a tampon, or the person riding their bicycle is on their cycle…and yeah, I’m just really getting graphic about this, aren’t I?

If other companies and their advertising started me on this problem, Tampax heightened the experience by 1000. It actually has forced my brain to associate a song used in one of their commercials as being the theme song for tampons.

And it’s actually a good song.

In the mid 1990s (I think sometime between 1995 and 1997) Grambling State University’s marching band (and dancers) were featured in an advertisement. It started off innocently enough…

The ladies are dancing.

Let it Whip 2

The band is marching/dancing…darching? Mancing?

Let it Whip

You’re pumped to the rhythms of The Dazz Band’s 1982 hit “Let it Whip,” when all of a sudden, it answers the question “What is this commercial for?”

Screenshot (189)


And the song forever reminds me of tampons.

It’s been something like 15-plus years since I last saw this on television, but that doesn’t matter, the image of it is burned in my mind and forever scarring my fragile, fragile psyche FOREVER.

Ok, so Tampax was there. And I’ll only think of your school’s marching band as “The Band Tampax Was There For.”

That’s one hell of an association to have, isn’t it?

But despite all this, it really is a cool song.


Uploaded by tvrepeater

And a kick-ass marching band routine.

Screenshot (192)

Let it whip indeed.

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She has never danced to “Let it Whip.”

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