Carry On Art-ing

What would you think of If I asked you to name a long-standing film series from Britain? It was James Bond, right? Well, there is another film series that the folks over at Art & Hue would prefer you remember – the low-budget, incredibly British, “Carry On” franchise. Between 1958 and 1992, there were more than 30 films, a TV series, Christmas specials and several stage shows, all produced under the Carry On banner, and all featuring a healthy dose of bawdy humour that only the Brits could put to screen.

For better or worse, I’ve watched most of the 31 films over the years, and no matter what else you might think of them, they’ve certainly left an impression on me and on British culture! Art & Hue have produced Carry on Pop-Art, inspired by the classic series.


Sadly, my favourite in the film series – Carry on Camping – doesn’t feature. I do have a fondness for Carry on Cruising though, and I was pleased to find that they created th beautiful film poster below.


Handily, they’ve put together a video for to watch too:

[vimeo 162089354 w=640 h=360]

If you enjoyed any of the films, have a fondness for Barbara Windsor, or like your art to really POP, head on over to the Carry On Pop-Art collection and get your money ready!

And if you like this, I’ve Previously posted about Art & Hue when they added their pop aesthetic to The Avengers.

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