Video/VCR Test – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Video/VCR Test – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

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Last week, when I was digging around in my videocassette collection, I grabbed my VHS of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. I’ll contend that I was not in my basement strictly to find this video – I was doing laundry, and the shelf with the videos was right there.

Like all good nostalgia buffs and writers, I own a VCR. And not some DVD/VCR combo that I picked up for $200 last year, I’m talking about an actual VCR. From the 1990s.

How good is this VCR?


Meet my Sharp VCR. The standard VCR of my middle and high school’s AV equipment. It was an expensive VCR in its day, but it was nice and it was exactly what I asked for for Christmas in 1996. And my dad delivered on it, big time.

The VCR is so awesome, it outlived the DVD recorder I bought in 2006 (which went kaput after seven years). Before that, it outlived my first DVD player, which only lasted about four years. This VCR outlived the first three televisions I’ve owned (I’m on my fourth, which is the one in the picture). This VCR even outlived the original remote it came with.

I’d call it something snappy, but it doesn’t need a fancy nickname.

I got it! My VCR is Chuck Norris!

The point is, this VCR works well. When I was researching options for recording from my videos (you know, for nostalgia purposes), I was coming up short on options that weren’t combo players. I’m aware my VCR is 20 years old, has lived a good life, and has gotten much use over the years, but it isn’t ready to be retired. It works way too well to even consider that. May it continue to do so. So the idea of putting out $200 for a combo player is unnecessary to me.


I recently invested in a Hauppauge HD PVR (that little box next to the rest of my equipment), which acts as a pass through device for VCRs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, and video games, with one’s computer as the recording source. Expensive yes, but it has composite jacks on it, and the two devices I own that utilize these (the lovely VCR and my Nintendo Wii) work well with the device. The biggest problem I encountered with the VCR while the Hauppauge is connected to the computer (and I’m assuming it has something to do with recording from analogue to digital) is the signal cuts out from the VCR to the device. I found a workaround for that – turn the VCR off and back on. Boom. Problem solved.

All technical talk and “hey, this is an awesome investment!” aside, I’ll get to the meat of this article.

I had originally planned to do voiceover work for this post, but I’ve had a sinus infection all week (pretty much since I posted the last article), so my voice is more nasal than it usually is. And while I’m sure no one has a problem with that…I’m incredibly vain. And I cough too much. I don’t want to make the viewers believe they’ll get sick watching my video. There are plenty of opportunities out there to fear disease from something you’ve watched on TV…oh, no one has ever worried about that before?

Moving on…

If you’re feeling particularly interested in reliving some awesome early 1990s nostalgia, look no further! Click play below to start the video!

Video uploaded by Allison Venezio

My brother and I owned one of those animated videos shown at the end, and we also had the soundtrack, which, coincidentally, we got from that corporate sponsor at the beginning of the video. And that was on audio cassette!

So, as you can see, the quality of the tape is fairly good, considering the age of both the video and the VCR. I’m considering upgrading this movie to Blu-Ray, but this video is nice to keep around for the nostalgia it oozes!

Not to mention the Family Home Entertainment logo. Who doesn’t love a little slice of home video company nostalgia with their VHS tape testing nostalgia?

Now, as one of my equally-nostalgic friends said last night, if only Hostess could bring back the Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies…

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She has the legendary Ninja Turtles concert from Madison Square Garden somewhere. She just has to find it!

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