This 1977 Magazine Offer For Star Wars On 8MM Was Huge News!

A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends gifted me this neat little piece of 1977 vintage reading entitled Science Fiction – Fantasy Film Classics and you can plainly see that it’s main focus was on Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Forbidden Planet. It was published in the winter of 1977 so it’s no suprise that the majority of the periodical was devoted to Star Wars but what really brought back some memories was this ad – selling 8 minutes worth – a condensed version of the Star Wars film on Super 8!
Star Wars 8MM
In my youth, my Grandparents lived next door to a pretty awesome couple who were always really friendly and helpful…and quite frankly well off. They had a Daughter named Robin and on her birthday, I believe this was in 1978 she invited me over because her parents had rented a Super 8 projector and the film they were going to show was of course Star Wars.

Please try to remember this was long before VCRs would be a common item in the household so besides seeing it in the theater there really was no other option and even though it was incredibly short it still seemed very, very exciting.
Star Wars - Super 8
There was no sound of course but subtitles had been provided on the film print, not that I needed them…I literally could recite the film by heart. Like in the video below while we sat in their living room and watched the epic battle between good and evil unfold on their wall – they too played the Star Wars soundtrack to help put a little more oomph into the viewing.

[Via] The Everyday Challenge
We ended up watching it about four times in a row if my memory serves me correctly until Robin couldn’t stand the wait any longer and it was time for cake and presents. Still, I think I got the better gift with the memory of that day…what…laugh it up, fuzzball!


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