Disney’s Haunted Mansion Meets Salem’s Lot!

If you frequent the site on a regular basis you will have noticed that I have an absolute adoration of Walt Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. While the famous ride itself has changed over the years the…spirit…of the place is a constant. Or should that be spirits?
Haunted Mansion Busts
After the announcement last year that the Hatbox Ghost was taking his rightful place back in the attic of Gracey Manor I kind of thought there really wasn’t going to be a way to top the Haunted Mansion. I was wrong…dead wrong.

The other day the Retroist was kind enough to share with me this bit of artwork that mashes up the elements of the manor and the Hatbox Ghost with a very familiar movie poster, for the Tobe Hooper TV movie adaptation of Salem’s Lot!
Disneyland - The Hatbox Ghost
Salem's Lot
gets you…
The Haunted Mansion - Salem's Lot - JaredBDesign
A big thanks not just to the Retroist for the heads up on this wonderful piece of art but The Utilidor for sharing it on Twitter!

[Via] Disney Parks


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