We Don’t Just Want Boglins Back…We Want The Xenomorph Boglin!

Back in 1987, Mattel Toys was doing pretty well thanks in no small part to their hugely popular Masters of the Universe toy line. That year the company decided to try and market to children that were fans of the small monster craze, that had kind of begun with 1984’s Gremlins and seemed to be doing quite well thanks to films like 1986’s Critters. This is how the Boglins were born!

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These latex hand puppets were created by Larry Mass, Tim Clarke, and Maureen Trotto for Seven Towns but sold by Mattel. Not only did Boglins come in packaging that resembled a cage but they also had moving eyes a child could operate with the flick of a lever. Sadly I never received one of the original Boglins but I did get my hands on Sponk, which was part of the Small Boglins line, they too were hand puppets but not quite as detailed nor did they have moveable eyes…and they came in sort of crates instead of cages.
I have some very fond memories of Sponk and even though back in 2000 we fans of the Boglins saw some re-issues of the series – this time having the “aid” of electronics and the ability to talk…I think it’s high time for a come back. A good way to get that ball rolling is by marrying the line with some of the most popular horror icon/monsters from film. As you can see with this custom made Alien Xenomorph Boglins Bog Monster that was sold on ebay it can totally work, right?

Image courtesy of Dread Central.
Image courtesy of Dread Central.

Image courtesy of Dread Central.
Image courtesy of Dread Central.

The next thing you know we might be able to nab a Predator version or a Micheal Myers or perhaps we can finally get a collection of Crites for our very own?
A huge thanks to Daniel XIII for the heads up on the Xenomorph Boglin and to John Squires of Dread Central for posting those wonderful images used in the post!


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