Saturday Frights Suggestion: The Changeling (1980)

The other day a friend to the Saturday Frights Podcast, Mark Derksen, was kind enough to contact me. He wanted to know if perhaps the Projectionist and myself could start making a weekly post – suggesting a horror film or TV episode that was worth watching. I talked it over with the Projectionist and to my surprise he was actually all for it.
Why would I not be amiable to the suggestion, Victor?
Well…even before we became…closer…you always seemed hesitant to embrace new ways of doing things.
Hogwash. Slander at the very least!
Fine. Fine. Let’s get right to the point then. For this week’s Saturday Frights Suggestion we recommend 1980’s superbly creepy tale of ghostly revenge The Changeling.
The Changeling Mansion
Yes. If you are looking for a taught supernatural film you could do far worse than The Changeling. In which George C. Scott plays a character named John Russell who has been subjected to a horrible loss in his life. Things do not exactly improve when he takes us residence in a stately home with a rather checkered past, eh?
That is something of an understatement, Projectionist. Scott ends up teaming up with a woman named Claire Norman – who was played by the actor’s real life wife Trish Van Devere to uncover the grisly secrets of his new home.

It remains to be seen though if they can do this before the angered spirit takes out it’s fury on them first!

[Via] Frightism

I’ve mentioned this before on the site but this is one of those slew of films I caught at the 62 Drive-In of my youth. You briefly see it in the trailer but to this day the ball on the stairs scene will literally make me stand up and turn on the lights in the house when I watch it.
Heh, heh. So very skittish, Sage. There are many fine actors in this feature film, Dear Viewers. Melvyn Douglas as well as Jean Marsh are two that spring to my mind.
Agreed. Although I would add that John Colicos who played Count Baltar in 1978’s Battlestar Galactica and Barry Morse of 1972’s Asylum turn in wonderful performances. Just remember this is something of a pot boiler, the fear slowly builds but the payoff is incredible.
You can see The Changeling for yourself right this minute on DVD, for just a mere six dollars over at Barnes and Noble.Com…I don’t see anything about a Blu-Ray however besides a Japanese import. Of course you could look around online. Ahem.
You would not wish to do that however. That is a fine way to get on my bad side. Heh, heh.
The Changeling - Wheelchair
So there you have it, friends. Our first suggestion for Saturday Frights Suggestions. A big thanks again to Mark for the wonderful idea and please be sure to contact the Projectionist or myself and let us know how you liked the movie!


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